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Electoral Compass USA 2008 is a product of Kieskompas BV.
The aim of Kieskompas is to provide users with insights and clarity in complex decision-making processes, while also allowing them to make thorough analyses of their options. The applications always have a fully transparent method and database. It should be totally clear to users what their best choice is and on what this is based. Furthermore, Kieskompas produces analyses of users’ opinions and preferences. The data obtained are primarily used for scientific research, such as analysing trends among voters. Some of the results may be published in the media.


Kieskompas is sincerely concerned with the privacy of their users and their privacy will never be compromised.
Kieskompas fully complies with privacy legislation. If you are using web application from Kieskompas, your IP-address will not be stored in combination with your answers. Obtained data will be rendered completely anonymous. Possible publications will also be completely anonymous. Data will be processed with the greatest concern. Data concerning individual users with identifiable data will not be reported nor published. Individual data will not be handed over to third parties.